Craig Durgan says “all these homeless can be given free ride to McNeil Island”

Craig Durgan, chair of the Hadlock Sewer Working Group, stated in a Facebook post recently that, “All these homeless can be given a free bus ride and ferry ride to McNeil and “do their thing.” He went on to suggest that the federal prison there was no longer in use so they could live there. He added that homeless people could also live in tents on the island if they wish.

A detention center for violent sexual offenders remains on the island.

Craig claims to be an advocate for “affordable housing.” After reading his statement above it’s hard to believe that he has genuine concern for homeless people. Stereotyping the homeless is just wrong and lumping people into some idea of the “other” portrays them as less than human. Compassion is needed towards those who are struggling in our society. Establishing a varied base of housing helps ensure that no one lives without a roof over their head. Few people actually “choose” to live in a tent.

Port Hadlock is the embodiment of affordable housing.

The neighborhoods there are full of 2 and 3 bedroom homes with nicely sized lots. The streets are beautifully formed, many with cul-de-sacs. There are some higher density apartments in the business core, as well as neighborhoods where manufactured homes, trailer homes and tiny homes are located. The Sparling Well provides drinking water to the entire town, as well as to Marrowstone Island and Indian Island. Septic systems serve each home and there are some community drain fields that serve multiple homes. One developer shared that the community drain field he constructed for one neighborhood had only used up to 15% of its capacity after years of service. Community-minded developers like this are committed to developing affordable housing solutions for working class families and we all appreciate that!

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