KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES – “After careful alterations of the boundary, they found it began to look like a turkey…But, by cutting its head off, they cleverly disguised it as a dog.”

Article and drawing by Mike Regan

The boundary for the “Core Area” Local Improvement District (LID) was discussed at the exclusive “sewer working group” meetings, and it was decided that certain property owners were to be approached and asked if they wished to be included. Well, that’s very nice of them, but the effect is to create a gerrymandered LID boundary which would include mostly those already inclined to support a sewer.  Refer to: [Port Hadlock Wastewater Working Group (WWG) Meeting Two, Thursday, July 18, 2019 | 1:30 –3:30 pm | Chimacum Fire Hall, Chimacum, Wa]  

Summary Action Item(s) from the meeting minutes included: 

1. Responsible Party to Speak with Duke Shold about contacting the Tillman family regarding inclusion in the LID boundary.: Tim Johnson
2. Contact the Mosier property owner about inclusion in the LID boundary  :.Irene White
3. Assess the feasibility of hooking the small cabins up to a wastewater system if the Wooden Boat School joins the LID boundary. :Monte Reiner 

This shows a clear intent to create a gerrymandered LID, suitable for distorting the appearance of support for a sewer by focusing the first phase on a chosen geographical area, where there is proven support. Those who don’t want a sewer will be left out, and the line will be snaked around to exclude them.  

The “Core Area” is a zone that was created much earlier by the County to designate the commercial, multifamily,  and public service areas.

But it is now the focus of Phase One of the sewer, with some modifications according to where they can best get a favorable LID in which every parcel owner would be required to pay for sewer hookups and for ongoing fees, whether they connect or not.. Once a sewer is installed in this area, the plan is to spread it like a pandemic into the rest of the town (and at much higher costs).

This process is designed to bypass the will of the people since roughly 90% of residents are against the sewer idea.


Core Area Map
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