THEY LIED! County Commissioners move forward on sewer against Hadlock residents’ wishes

So the State just allocated $20 million for the Port Hadlock sewer project.

They said there would be a vote. THEY LIED! At yesterday morning’s regular public meeting, Commissioner Greg Brotherton said that now he simply can’t figure out how to hold a vote about the Hadlock Sewer proposal, asking “would it be in the Core Area, the Hadlock UGA or the entire county?”

They said no one would be forced to hook up to a sewer against their will. THEY LIED. County Manager Philip Morley stated that no one would be required to hook up to the system, but that they have not made a decision about “mandatory hook ups.” How’s that for double speak? There are landowners in the Core Area who years ago asked the county to explore what the costs of a sewer would be. Now they are going to be forced to hook up to a sewer in the Core Area against their wishes.

Commissioner Dean stated that the Concerned Residents of Port Hadlock are not getting accurate information. SHE LIES! The information they are getting comes directly off the county’s web page related to the Hadlock Sewer proposal. Apparently, everything the county publishes is a lie. For instance, the screenshot above is from the August 2020 sewer plan and it shows their latest 20-year estimates of the project.

  • UGA I (the Core Area) will cost around $67 million.
  • UGA-2 will cost around $61 million.

That is a total of over $100 million! They say we might not build the whole project and these are just estimates anyway. THEY LIE! Where is the extra $100 million over and above the $20 million state grant coming from?

While Commissioners Brotherton and Heidi Eisenhour sat silently by, Kate Dean said, “There is a ton of raw effluent going into Chimacum Creek right now.” THEY LIED! Chimacum Creek “easily passes” state standards for clean water.

Commissioner Heidi Eisenhour, who lives in Port Hadlock and represents District 2, said that if people want to talk to her she has a porch at her house in Port Hadlock and can talk to people there socially distanced. She said she looks forward to talking to people. We’ll see if that’s true when one person after another tells her to flush this sewer idea.

In one respect Dean was right. Hadlock residents were not getting accurate information. Because behind the Hadlock community’s back she and the other commissioners were applying for grants from the state to help finance a sewer that almost no one in Port Hadlock wants. They lie to the people and are going to force this financial boondoggle down their throats one way or another.

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