Here are a few people who have signed already – some with comments! You can join them by signing the petition here.

Duane K. Albert: Leave us alone, our septic system is fine, we do not need to be pushed into a system promoted by contractors and an idiot government, We are mostly low income, fixed income and any increase would put most onto the streets – they do not care!!!!! The septic systems we now have works just fine, there is no need for a sewer system to be built here, it only serves the county for revenue and money for contractor’s , so many of us are on fixed and low income and cannot take on more cost of living, the higher cost would push more people to the street’s, obviously the goverment does not care or think how they hurt people, it is only money they think about.. What we have is working fine, the gov has no idea how much this will hurt the people , government is SO OUT OF TOUCH

John Ammeter: I have a friend that has just purchased a home in the Hadlock area…. she can NOT afford to pay for a sewer hookup and would have to sell and move if it was to pass.

Aleta Anderson

Mike and Rona Anderson

Sandra Anderson: No! This plan is not the right time, in the right location OR the right thing for present homeowners. Obviously this is about more than just putting a sewer in Port Hadlock. This is about making developers rich, and I know for a fact that nobody on my street would be able to afford this. So many more people would be homeless, and we are the workers that support the trade and economy of Port Townsend. Flush this idea.

Robert Baker: No thank you, I have been thru this process in Pierce County back in the eighties, extremely unhappy people and the cost to the home owner I promise you will be outrageous. No way will I support this project, put the money towards homeless people and affordable housing. WE are giving more money to immigrants than we are our own people! My septic system works just fine!

Amy Bartlett

Robert E Bates: Needed straight answers on cost for each land owner inside and outside Phase 1 . What is the approved scope of the project?

Sandra Baughman: No!

Aleen Berard: I am NOT in favor of the Port Hadlock/Irondale sewer project.
My vote is NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie: We don’t need an expensive sewer system. We’re doing just fine without one. You folks are just trying to make us spend money we don’t need to.

Don Brickey: Where were you folks 20 yrs ago ? I’m with you, it is only an improvement if it is affordable, U.G.A. HEARINGS 20 YRS AGO. GUY RUDOLF AND MIKE REGAN VS JEFFRSON COUNTY. THEY NEW IT WAS GOING TO COST 58 K PER ADDRESS BACK THEN.

Debra Brown: I am on Disability and absolutely can not afford to pay for sewer. We have approved septic systems that are inspected and maintained annually in accordance to Jefferson County Public Health.

Barbara Brueckner: We do not need a sewer system in Hadlock and I am opposed to this project. The cost is prohibitive for many residents and most importantly the discharge of treated sewage at Chimicum Creek is a very bad idea for the environment. The septic systems we currently have are adequate for our needs.

Barbara Bullen: This sewer project has been going on for the better part of 25 years or more. I would like to know how much money has been spent on feasibility studies; I know it has been many millions and a lot of that wasted! So many of the people in our community only own a house because they inherited it or bought it when houses were actually affordable for the average working person. Now many of those people are barely surviving on Social Security! This is just another example of the rich getting richer on the backs of the, “hey, we’re barely making it here” population! The answer from above is usually “affordable loans”! No loan is affordable to someone who owns a home but still has to shop at the food bank! They will lose in the end and it’s just not fair! Especially for those who already have working septic systems. Please!!

Sally J. Burns: I have a fairly new septic system and I do not have 41,000 to put in a sewer. Unless there are serious issues involved with septic tanks I see no reason to put ina sewer, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Nina Burokas: I do not support a Port Hadlock/Irondale sewer project and request to be added to the distribution for any related communications. Thanks.

Diosdado Cabanilla: My wife and I, tax paying property owners in Port Hadlock for almost 30 yrs, demand straight answers also. We are not in favor of this sewer project. We maintain our septic system faithfully. We don’t crave more development, this is why we live here. The people with vested interests pushing this project should bear the costs not pass it on to all the residents who don’t agree. Property owners should be allowed to vote on this matter, not leave it up to the commissioners who have their own agendas not necessarily following the ones of the people they are supposed to be representing, the ones who put them in office. We need straight answers. Stop wasting money on study after study after study. If you save all that money, maybe you’ll be able to build your sewer project and not rely on property owners to finance the whole cost. Studies being completed by outside entities cannot reflect enough the impact of this project on property owners. If you want the amenities of big city living, go live elsewhere. We prefer peace and quiet, it’s why we chose to live here.

Chris L. Callahan: No sewer in Port Hadlock – that’s all we need – another Port Townsend.

Gail Chatfield: As a resident of greater Hadlock, I could not possibly afford the now $28,000-$41,000 estimate of what each homeowner would have to pay to hookup to the proposed Hadlock sewer system. It would be far more economical to just pump septic tanks when needed – every 10 years? Every five years? Cost? About $450. What happens if the county goes ahead and commits to this $23 million to $100 million project for the few wealthy landowners in the area who could reap huge profits? If small homeowners are forced to pay and can’t, the only option for the county would be a dramatic property tax increase to pay for the boondoggle. Certainly then, you would have every property owner in the county crying foul, but it would be way too late. The Irondale Community Action Neighbors (ICAN) poll found that 90% of the residents in the project area are against the proposed sewer project. Where is the data that would show otherwise?

Danya Christensen

Mike Clarke: I am a 4th generation Hadlock guy. I do not want to see my little home town become the next Silverdale. We the people of Hadlock have every right to vote for or against this proposal. There are a lot of people in this area that live on very strict, limited income. This sewer system will price every single one of them right out of here. Nobody can dispute that fact. Let’s not allow this to happen!


Randi Cox: I vote Against having the Hadlock Sewer.

Roger Crusha

Andrea Dickey: I do not favor this project. I have lived here for about 27 years and prefer the quiet community. Also, there is misleading info out there and who has the say so anyway??

Robert Dickey: This is going t9 push a lot of poor people on fixed incomes out of their residency and geared towards the developers and the rich and wealthy. Why not put in more section eight housing for people who need assistance.? The wealthy have bought everything here recently, There are very few rentals and not affordable. Total bullsh–.

Jessica Dillon: The same ‘landowners’ (though not necessarily residents of Port Hadlock) who claim to be concerned about providing low-income housing, have made derogatory remarks about the homeless. This isn’t about providing low-income housing, but rather a means to line their pockets, while picking ours. Please allow the residents of Port Hadlock a voice/vote on this proposed debacle. Thank you

Jill A Doyle: As a resident and owner of a mobile home I want to have a say in this. These decisions affect me and my family. So called progress is not always a good thing. And these decisions should include those who it’s going to affect and future generations. I also live here because of the beauty, wildlife scenery of this area. Which much would be destroyed and disturbed with this so called progress. A concerned citizen.

Bret Dukelow: This sewer system is not what any of us residents in Port Hadlock want. One of the reasons we live here is the small town flavor which would be destroyed by this system. This system would also put a very difficult financial burden on the people. Driving out current residents by making life more expensive and bringing in national chains sounds like progressive anti American policy . I am Against this system and all the money it will cost the residents both short term and long term.

Ted Dukelow: I absolutely oppose this sewer system project. I am a property owner in Port Hadlock and have lived here for Twenty + Years. My septic system is perfectly adequate and is environmentally friendly. I chose/choose to live here for the low density and the quiet. Port Hadlock and its surrounding area hold a high appeal because of its rural-ness. No one I know is interested in changing this to a high density, over populated, over taxed, suburban nightmare. City sewers are not required or desired. They cost too much and are not needed in Port Hadlock.

Nanette E DuMond: I want the right to vote on this.

Darcy Ecklund: We would like a vote and more information.

Edward M Evans

Karole L Evans

Charlene Finley

Geoff Gallaway: This is a terrible idea I vote no on Port Hadlock sewer.

Kevin Garner

Randall Goldsmith: I live just off Irondale road, I have a limited income, a working septic system, and would have to sell and move if confronted with a bill of $41,000 as this website suggests it may cost. That is not providing affordable housing! The density possible with this system would totally change the neighborhood also, I don’t think for the better. I at this point oppose the new sewer system.

Susan Hanover

Ellery Hatfield: I strongly oppose this sewer project—it threatens to add an unnecessary increase to the local cost of living, threatens the natural and unique wildlife of the area, threatens to be decided upon without the consent of Port Hadlock/Irondale residents, and threatens to push a small community into expanding against its will. I look forward to watching this project come to a swift end.

Carol Hill: Absolutely opposed to the Hadlock Sewer Project. We have a working septic system that we have emptied as required. There is not a need for the people of our little town to be pushed into paying for this when the majority of us are medium to low income. Do u want us to end up on the streets of ur pretty town? Vote NO on sewer project

Stephan Hill

Walter Hill

Hailey Hirschel: I say no to this.

Eric Hjertberg: My wife and I are opposed to the proposed Hadlock Sewer and favor a delay and further discussion about what sewage solutions best meet the needs of current residents.

Heidi Hoagberg: We need more information on this!

Claudia Holladay: We need to re-think this project. This is a largely low-income neighborhood, but we have managed to have homes here and make a pretty stable neighborhood. Making such costs would upend that stability for many, and therefore for the whole. Are there alternatives in other places in the country that could work here? (To start finding resources, I’d start with calls to Yes magazine and to Rocky Mountain Institute. They could point in some useful directions.

Heidi Hoagberg: Stop the sewer treatment plan.

Jerry and Kim Hobson: Not in favor of Sewer Proposal.

Karen Hurlburt-Daniher: I pay your wages and have the right to say what your agenda is, you work for me, not your personal interest.

James Jackson: Commissioners: Please follow the Washington State Constitution, Article 1, section 1, and get the consent of the people. How? By going door to door in the Hadlock area, and give a full explanation of costs, impacts, etc.; and THEN ask the people impacted for their input and desire. I for one, being a third generation here, want to keep the area as rural and primitive as possible. A composting toilet for under $25 means more dignity, and more equity for we residents than $20 million or more and monthly fees for what price?????????and what environmental impact and stress from too little monthly income to ever increasing costs of all kinds, most of which affect the retired and working class.

Arnold Johnson: No sewer project,

Bernie Jones: Please leave us alone about this. We don’t need this area to grow. We don’t need more residents and/or larger businesses. The Tri-Area should stay small, quiet and we don’t need a grossly overpriced sewer system. We don’t need a new sewer system. The Tri-Area should stay small and quiet.

Leesan D Joyce-Marlatt: I would like to address some of our concerns about the proposed Port Hadlock sewer system. We own and operate 80 residential units. Most of our tenants are senior citizens on fixed incomes and low income families.
My biggest concern is the cost of the sewer and the associated costs that go along with the connections. The hookup fees and the monthly assessments would be a horrific price alone to pass on to our tenants. We would also have the cost of pumping all our septic tanks so they can be destroyed. We would also have the cost of replumbing each unit. Then there is the cost of repaving our roads from the digging. All of the costs and associated costs of the sewer would be passed along to our already struggling tenants. One of the biggest challenges we are currently facing is vacancies and the lack of qualified applicants.

Hazli and Ann Katsikapes

Quintana Kelley: I would not be able to pay for this. I only installed my septic tank one year ago. Port Hadlock residents cannot afford this.

Janet K. Kesgard: No.

Steven Kimple: No to the “Hadlock Sewer Proposal”

Holly King: I do not favor this project.

Robert Klatt: I vote “NO”. If the interested people want it so bad-let them pay for the entire costs. Q- Do they own homes in the area? The current home owners should be re-payed for the costs of their current systems and permits.

Terrence Knight: I talked for awhile with Commissioner Eisenhour regarding this matter. I told her I was very disappointed to see Democrats onboard with a proposal of a Republican (you know, the guys who don’t want people to vote) slumlord and opportunist who is interested only in getting public financing in order to enhance the value of some property he owns — altho Durgan does not even live in Port Hadlock! A virtual meeting to discuss this proposal is scheduled for April 15 (check the commissioner’s web site to participate).

Gregg Knowles: Will DOE allow the effluent to percolate back into recharging Chimacum Creek? Right now area’s of Hadlock percolate so good that they won’t give septic permits. Kate Dean says you have an option of not hooking up. Will they lean the property for the cost whether you hook up or not?

John Koch: This project is not needed for this area. We should at least have a vote on it.

Ray Lambe: How would retired people on fixed incomes and low income family’s be able to afford the hook ups? Renters rent would increase sufficiently to cover the landlords increase in costs.

Eric Larson: I totally disagree with this sewer. I don’t feel that it’s right to put people who are in a low income area on the brink of homelessness. It’s not a fun thing to face especially since we never seem to have any real say in anything that goes on.

Brian Lawson

Cynthia Levenstein: It makes no sense for developers to want to build when everything is too expensive already. Isn’t that why Port Townsend is sitting empty? Do the developers here want to build low-cost housing? Would they support those who would lose their mobile homes? I would like to see the investor’s plans. Why not wait and do it right the first time? It seems very short-sighted and opportunistic to put a sewer plant right next to Chimacum Creek. Who thinks that is a good idea?

Amy Limber: I would like more information regarding this. I am retired and 73 years old, on a fixed income. I cannot afford any amount.

Doug Lockhart

Vicky Lockhart

Ian Lunsford: This sounds like big county deciding for a small community. I do NOT support building a sewer system in Port Hadlock without the approval of Port Hadlock residents.

Judith Meegan: I do not wish the sewer project in Port Hadlock.

Kelly Jo Minaker: We are on a fixed income…that we have worked most of ours lives for. Now you want us to get taxed out of our home? Mom got taxed out of Mats Mats Bay! We do not need to hook up to your sewer. Please do not make us move.
Do we get to vote for this? If so…it’s a ‘no thank you’!!

Donetta Mine: I feel that Port Hadlock residents have the right to vote on this matter that will effect the entire community.

Will Moran

Michael G Morford: No.

Martin Musson: I would prefer to continue with my septic system for as long as possible whilst it remains in good working order. My wife and I put very little stress upon the tank and drainage field being only a two person household. The potential high cost of a home owner hooking up to this proposed sewer system is very much a major point against it plus we prefer the low to medium density model of the area. So two of us would definitely vote no to any proposal of a sewer system that we would have to pay a hookup fee to.

Janice Nagel: No, timing is all wrong, people are not on their feet yet. Economy is slow, and lots of more important work needs done before we are ready for this huge, expensive program.

Dayna Elizabeth Neely: This project is neither well thought out nor well explained to the home owners. It should be noted that our new PUD building is not even a carbon neutral building. I seriously doubt that the plans for this sewer include the capture of methane to use for supplemental power in Port Hadlock. On top of that, it is dangerously close to fresh water sources. The biohazards that our community and surrounding wildlife would face in the event of a spill is unacceptable.

Ann Nelms: We are opposed to a sewer.

Audrey Oliner: I went to all those county meetings years ago and the approvals were not evident by the residents of the area. I don’t know where we are going to get the money for this ridiculous project. A lot of us only live on social security. Developing Hadlock is not why I live here and in these times it is Ridiculous to consider it.

Harvey Olson: By what authority does the BOCC purchase land for a “Proposed” Sewer Project? Before approval of the project by taxpayers! This decision alone, before the approval of the taxpayers demonstrates the BOCC are PROPONENTS of the project BEFORE a full assessment of the Cost and impact! We need a fair and objective Cost/Benefit Analysis. Citizens in the County outside this proposed are not unaffected because: This proposed Sewer District cannot bear the cost and if the BOCC will “stumbles” into a boondoggle that will need the Whole county to pay for with property taxes. The BOCC has purchased property for Sewer Plant:
By what authority? How can they tie up public funds on projects not “Approved” by Taxpayers? This decision points out the BOCC complete lack of objectivity and In fact are PROPONENTS of the  project.  Sewer Plant/Sewer District: The BOCC pushes for free money from Federal Government to Fund this project. BUT consider This; Even if the project was 100% funded, could the Hadlock Sewer District afford the Annual Cost of operating it? What are the annual cost of operation, budgeting in the spiraling costs of continued  Government regulations?  Cost over runs of construction annual costs, etc. IMO the BOCC are completely over their skis and very well will continue to “blunder” through this to the point of complete failure and the WHOLE COUNTY will Be responsible! SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  There are no documented environmental  problems with failed septics. To justify this project.

Cynthia Parido: I don’t want the sewer project to go forward because it’s too expensive for our small rural community. This it the wrong time! We don’t want more multipurpose housing and our health services are fine for the current population. Who here can bear the purposed costs?!?!?!

Mark Parido: I don’t want the sewer project to go forward because it’s too expensive for our small rural community. Keep Hadlock rural and nix the sewer project.

John R Pate: I am strongly opposed to a sewer system .for the purpose of large scale development in the Tri Area. Take a look at Belfair, Wa for an ugly picture of what can happen.

Pat Powell: I don’t need or want a sewer hook up. The sceptic system I have is working fine, no need for the expense.

Allan Raichart

Darcy Reeder: As low-income Irondale home-owners who are doing just fine with our septic, we are not asking for sewer. I’m confused about who is even asking for sewer. It seems like it would just lead to gentrification.

Mike Regan: When you go to a used car lot, you see a sticker price, and then they give you some kind of offer. You think, “Great. I’m saving money here” . Then, there are some added costs, taxes and closing costs, and when you see the final bill you might feel too committed to back out. Cable service and cell phones also hit you with hidden costs that later show up to give you a pain in the wallet. It looks like the same thing is going on here, except that people might still have more time to back out before it is too late.

Jason Reidt: I do not desire a sewer installed.

Deena Lien Richards: I built a home in Hadlock thru Kitsap self help housing ( like Habitat house). Most folks here are on fixed incomes or low income. I know I can’t afford a second mortgage. I haven’t paid the first. I have a good working system with a reserve and don’t appreciate being bullied into a sewer system I can’t afford. Where is our vote on this project- ask the people who live here!!!!!!

John Richards: We paid $15,000 for our current septic system. We have a reserve for our septic. We cannot afford to take out a second mortgage. We haven’t finished paying our first one.

Kevin Richards

Marc Riolo: Septic tanks have been serving this area well for many, many years. There’s no need to change that. Most people in this area can’t afford it anyway. Let’s keep Port Hadlock, Chimacum and Irondale small. Those that want a bigger town with more and larger businesses and a larger population can move to cities where that already exists. Most of us are quite happy to drive a little bit to get what we need, if it isn’t available in town, or order it on-line. So just leave us alone.

Elizabeth Robinson

Lynda Rogers: No sewer. Many are older folks on fixed incomes. With all the added problems with our economy due to COVID, financially it would force many of us out. Rentals are few and far between. This is extremely poor timing for an outrageously expensive project. I vote NO!

Judy Shepherd: The facts are contradictory. It is unclear what the expectation is by the BoCC on the landowners. Higher property taxes is not the way to do this. As a middle income homeowner, we are already getting pushed possibly out of Jefferson County or so it seems.

Todd Shold: I vote No for the sewer project.

Edwin Slaughter: I do not support the sewer proposal for Port Hadlock. It would put an undue burden, financial hardship on our family, because of our fixed, limited Social Security incomes. We recently moved to Port Hadlock from King County because of the high taxes and cost of living that King County has put on their residents. We are very happy with our fairly recently installed septic system. Please do NOT let the sewer proposal go through. Many of the residents in Port Hadlock are retired & have very low incomes, as we do.

Judith Slawson: I am adding my name because I believe the residents should be informed and allowed to vote if a sewer treatment plant is built in our area.

Kristin F Smith: The sewer would be a threat to the health of Chimacum Creek and would destabilize the character and economic balance of the human community. Sorry, not sorry, the predatory developers who want to walk away with a fast buck.

P Smith: All information and decisions need to be made with the people it directly affects.

Paul Smith: We don’t need a sewer system, we all have private septic systems.

Anca Sollars

James Sollars

Karen Starling: This sewer idea is not for the benefit of people who live and own homes in the Irondale/Port Hadlock area. It is clearly to benefit businesses and developments for gentrification. It is not a cost effective idea and seems custom made to drive off citizens who cannot afford to bear the financial burden of putting it all together. This is not about better infrastructure. It is about putting money in pockets of people who do not live there. This is just wrong!

Amy Stewart: I cannot approve of the Hadlock Sewer going in… cannot afford to pay this kind of money! I am legally disabled and my husband runs a small business.
Let us keep our working septic systems and keep our community small. We need a place where retirees and families can affordably reside.

Mark Stewart: Too many unknowns. It is not affordable for our community. No, no no.

David Stuart: As a property owner in Hadlock, I want some clear, straight answers to what is being proposed, and the related costs. I have had no problems with my septic system, and I am NOT in favor of building a new, costly sewer system.

Alan Susnow: Please see my letter from the Port Townsend Leader on May 6, 2020:,69086

Hal Sweren: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it ;-p. We have many types of 21stCentury architectural alternatives to 1970’s old standard central sewer megasystems… these old systems designs are actually inadequate and potentially dangerous in today’s world of exploding virus pandemic issues.. The old system designs are barely adequate to control E.Coli bacteria, and they totally ignore the problem of virus proliferation and dispersion.. small decentralized systems can be highly effective at 100% sterilization of sewage imediately after use of the bathroom…. in many places worldwide we have demonstrated human sewage hydroponics and greenhouses, and mini-systems work well on boats too. I feed my oysters the water I soak my feet in, and they give me the antibody protiens that fight off my virus.. this is called Chimeral Antibody Cultivation, and is an industry standard in BioTech Manufacturing.

David Tonkin: I would like to be able to trust what our county commissioners tell us about this project. However, I trust the honesty of the opponents and the reliability of their criticisms of this project.

Jason Van Camp: I as a resident of Port Hadlock am concerned about local government making decisions about the future Development of our community without our input. The mismanagement of our community to line the haves pockets on the backs of the have nots needs to stop. There is no real need for such a project at this time.

Jeanne Winner: The proposed sewer system doesn’t give us straight answers, especially about costs. There is no way we would pay $41,000 for this. We don’t even need it! Our septic system is fine for us. We are seniors on fixed incomes & the costs are prohibitive. Also, we would not like to see a sewer plant built on the Greenbelt next to several backyards in Chimacum Creek Estates. And we were definitely do not want the sewer to be discharged right next to Chimacum Creek. That would have horrible environmental impacts. We moved here because of the rural and peaceful area. We have no desire to have high density apartment buildings built in our peaceful rural community.

Carol Woodley: I will not sign up for a $41,000 debt on my properties in Port Hadlock. It cannot be that expensive. There are people in this area that it would ruin and shut down their businesses. The water on Marrowstone was only $8,000 over 10 years. This sewer plan has been going on for 40 years.What about the zoning. What about the UGA old and the new that was revoked. There are already new $100,000+ septic systems that have been put in the core of Hadlock. If this is about putting the homeless from the fairgrounds out here, that is a mess at the Fairgrounds. Hadlock does not need Port Townsend’s homeless. Port Townsend needs to take care of their mess and not push it off on Hadlock. I would love to have sewers, but not at this cost, not with the unknown zoning. Too many unknowns.

Steven Yawn: I have a working Glendon Septic system that was quite expensive to install. I certainly do not need another system. The funds could be put to better use.

Eileen Younkin: My husband and I are in our 80’s and fairly new Pt Hadlock residents, having moved here to be near our daughter. An assessment for this amount would be impossible to afford. Therefore, we both emphatically vote NO on this proposal.